I just am
Dylan Overhouse
Spray Paint

Shadow Photo Exhibition
Friday, May 11 – July 6, 2018.

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More on Shadow Photo

Throughout this process I did a lot of reflecting on who I am or think I am. I began to look at my past and current self taking note of what has changed and what has always stayed the same. I tried to imagine how people see me while paying attention to how I see myself. Through all of that I came to the conclusion that I know a lot about myself but I have never known who I truly am. I can describe my personality, goals, feelings, likes and dislikes, but I wouldn’t say any of that makes me who I am. I just am.

This piece reflects how I have always felt deep inside. I often feel like I am from another planet, in my own realm just watching the world.

About the Show

Shadow Photo is a collaboration between photographer and individual, inviting artists to participate in a process that is part portrait photography, part exploration of personal perception of the shadow self….MORE

Participants also sat for a portrait photo with La Crosse area photographer Dylan Overhouse, to be displayed alongside the shadow panel, exemplifying their light side.

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