After Kensett (Image Above)
Jennifer Williams Terpstra
Oil and encaustic on panel
18” x 18”

Shift Exhibition
March 2-May 4, 2018.
Fri 5-7pm
Sat 10am-Noon
Sun 10am-Noon


Travel reveals great expanses of space which is sometimes remembered in fragments of that experience. Memory itself is fragmented, as is the map, with all of its boundaries and layers of information. The translucent layers of encaustic (pigment + wax) relate to these layers and to the passage of time. Like memories that rise to the surface, jewel-like oil paintings represent the clarity we can bring to our experience.


Anniversary Effect Exhibition

    Anniversary Effect Exhibition Friday, March 1 – Friday, April 5, 2019   La Crosse, WI–Fannin Counseling & Art Therapy is celebrating its one year anniversary with their upcoming exhibition, Anniversary Effect. The show will run the full month of March and...

Prenatal Yoga Series at Root Down Yoga

WednesdaysFebruary 13- March 6, 20197-8:30pm in Studio BEach class will include a 45-60 minute prenatal yoga practice, perfect for moms at every stage of pregnancy.Each of our presenters is a mom to multiple children, and leaders in their fields. Here is a brief...

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