La Crosse, WI–Fannin Counseling & Art Therapy (129 6th St S, La Crosse, across from the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman) is offering closed art therapy group opportunities for adults and teens. Art therapy employs creative, nonverbal means of accessing grief, trauma, and personal issues. The creation of art can play a unique role in therapy, encouraging change and offering new insights. Art engages the brain’s creative centers, allowing clients to approach their difficulties from a new angle.

Art Therapy Group for Adults:

This is a closed group that meets on Thursdays from 5:15-6:30pm for six weeks, kicking off on July 12th. Call or email to register, space is limited!

Art Therapy Group for Teens:

This is a closed group that meets on Wednesdays from 10:15-11:30am for six weeks, beginning July 11th. Call or email to register, space is limited!

About Fannin Counseling & Art Therapy

Fannin Counseling & Art Therapy provides services to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, offering traditional counseling services related to anxiety, depression, and grief, and specializing in the practice of art therapy.

Melissa Fannin, MA, LPC, ATR, is a licensed counselor and registered art therapist. She specializes in the use of art therapy as a grounded, hands-on approach to developing mindfulness and creating change.

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Melissa Fannin, MA, LPC, ATR
Fannin Counseling & Art Therapy
129 6th St S
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